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I've been meaning to write this entry for some time, but had some WIFI issues that are unimportant right now, so nevermind. What I'm about to say is controversial, and more political than the last time I wrote about my country, but please respect me and this website by reacting in a civilized manner.
I'm writing because there is a war going on. Like right now, I can hear the explosions every ten seconds. And just like any previous round in Gaza, Israel is being condemned for it's actions in the strip. for many years Israel is being portrayed by the western media as a demonic state, an evil country that was (more than a few times) compared directly to the Nazi reign. That is a hidious comparison and I am not even going to get into why hearing it makes my skin crawl. the situation in Gaza is a very complex, very sensetive one: It is currently controled by Hamas, a terrorist organization that has publicly declared many times they do not stride for peace, a two-state solution, democracy, or equality; Their intentions are to kill jews ("the decendants of the monkeys and dogs", as they call us) and take over all of Israel. And I assure you: Fundemental Islamists do intend to take over the world and force everyone to be Muslim. There are many moderate, sane muslims, but every terror organization and most of the arab country leaders would not stop before they rid of all the disbelievers. Back to Hamas: Like I said, they don't want a peace agreement with us, they want to kill us, and have set this their goal many times, very clearly. But nevemind what they think of us, I find what they think of their people much more important. Do you know why the citizens of Gaza die more than the citizens of Israel? It's because Israel spends millions of dollars on "The iron Dome", a special machine that intercepts the rockets fired by Hamas at the Israeli citizens (currently, there are about 5 million people in the range of the rockets, that's 5 million people out of only 7 million in this entire country.) In the meantime, what did Hamas do to protect its citizens from the war they knew was coming? (partially because they began this round, when they abducted and killed three children) they did nothing. Not only that, but they actively risk their own citizen: they use innocents as human shields by hiding in homes, hospitals, schools and zoos, they also prevent their citizens from evacuating the neighborhoods the Israeli army has told them to, so they can demolish wearhouses with artillery in them with no citizens around to be hurt. This whole time they just don't care about their own citizens, The ones who voted for them, the ones they are allegedly fighting for.
There are mistakes, I know. Three young children were bombed at the beach in Gaza although there were apperently no terrorist threats there, and died a horrible death. I find it hard to believe that was intentional, but I probably can't prove that, so you can believe whatever you want to. I am sorry for every death on both sides, but sadly, when a violent, murderous organization wants millions dead and doesn't care how many lives from among their own people that would take, then many people will die. And death isn't the only bad thing coming out of this: thousands are living in a nightmare: my own little brother has lived his entire life under the constant threat of the rockets, and is very scared even during long times of ceasefire.
To conclude, this situation is a tragic one, but the automatic figer pointed at Israel is simply wrong. Both sides are at fault, but the greater fault is Hamas's. And don't just take my word on it, Hillary Clinton (not exactly a Jewish, fox-news loving Israeli) also says the Hamas is responsible for the magor humanitarian crisis in Gaza:…
If you want to disscuss this further, comment or leave me a private message. Thank you for taking the time to read this.

Update: Yesterday night, Hamas bombed a field hospital the IDF set up for injured palestinians next to the north border of the strip. Since this hospital was set a few days ago, Hamas had restricted the citizens from going to the hospital, and most of them don't even know of that option. It's clear Hamas does not care about the citizens' wellbeing at all. I couln't yet find a link for an article about it in english, since this is fairly new, here is one in hebrew for now:…
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